Sunday, June 11, 2017

Travel - housekeeping hack

Traveling on holidays are more fun than official trips. But what a headache it can give when home is smelly and has cocroches running around as you enter closed home?

Well, after multiple attempts this holiday i have tried, tested and sucessfully worked.

Here are some simple home tips i would like to share.

1. Turmeric power to the rescue.
Put sufficient turmeric powder in all openings at home, the day you step outside.
Openings here include sink at kitchen upto drain of washing machine and so on.

This helps cocroches to ants or anything at bay.
(While such entrant tels me i am blessed in abundance of stuff at home)

If you are traveling for more than a week or so -

2. One week before start date keep spraying some organic clenser at all openings.

3. Pile up all soft or coushins into a cornor and cover them up in big cloth. This big cloth can be washed at a go instead of vacuuming dust of beds and sofa. 

4. Place camphour bars in each room. These you might get in few organic stores. They remove odour naturally and nutrelise the space. 

If you have any other natural tips on this please add on.

Happy touring and holidaying with entire family while home breaths afresh.

Time to get activated

I have not been blogging for over a year, nor i am a vivid blogger.

Just as my blog suggests its better late than never.

Hope to keep blogging more often. See ya all and enjoy every moment of life.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Orthodox food habits - myth or science?

Question the orthodox said sir CV Raman. How many times we hear everyone question the orthodox? Plenty! However do we question to really know the reason behind it?

I still question, i never stop. So, here is a small area i am sharing on the food related habits followed down traditions. With some convincing views on why it was followed.

Let me split food as follows -
Cooked food short life - which will start perishing in few hours.
Cooked food longer life - shelf life of foods which range between months to years
Raw food short life & raw food long life

Raw food long life
Grains such as rice, wheat or pulses, coconut, oils are a few examples of foods whos shelf life is longer than months. Yet these are not cooked food.
Pickles are not cooked but marinated. They taste best when marinated like wine.

Raw food short life
Vegetables and fruits ( i am a vegan and hence examples shared on those lines) are good raw foods whos shelf life is less than a week.

Cooked food longer life
Sweets and savories last for a month if made with right proportions. Mostly home made savories.
Ghee and butter can last couple of months.
Boiled Milk and curd can last a few days.

Cooked food short life
Such as cooked rice, boiled or fried vegetables. Any other grain or pulses cooked last only few hours.

Once the heat of these foods reduce the bacterial development starts, hence reheating will only lead to toxins in the human system if consumed.

Now the traditional practice here, is when this short life cooked food is touched or served, the same hand unless it is washed off one is not allowed to touch the rest of the three.
Reason is, this bacterial development will not be visible to eye or nose till almost a days time, this small bacteria will show its impact on the rest and may eventually spoil in the corse of time.

Any other semi cooked or ready to heat foods are as dangerous to the body which will only accumulate small bits of toxins and will show its result only after many many years.

A healthy body which does not accumulate such toxins and healthy thought combined will bring only success in your life.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Infants not only draw everyones attention, also new moms energy!

Every book for the mom to be, or every website that i have browsed have loads of information about pregnancy and about 6 weeks post delivery.

What happens after that, there are loads of books and information on parenting. What now, where can new moms get the energy they loose?

I have questioned a lot of traditional methods to find answers, and still questioning.
When i get more convincing answers i will add on here.

But for now certain basic info which i would like to share is here.

Mother should have calm mind and lots of help to recover. The raw truth is, babies are parasites till they start eating on their own. So moms health is very important.

1. Calcium
Pls include calcium in your intake.
Olden method is sunambu (something like lime stone) in beetle leaf. The sunnambu has calcium in it.
If not available ask you doctor to give u supplements.

2.   Digestion
Anything a mom eats has to be digested well, this is to avoid curdling burps by the baby.
Beetle leaf is traditional method, however if you dont believe this, ask for alternate with your doctor.

3. Water
Every time you nurse the baby pls have luke warm water just before you nurse. This water can be jeera water helps both digestion and water is essential for gud flow of moms milk.

When in moms feed only, water not required for the baby.

4. Nursing
Natures bottle refills only when empty and will brim further.
So pl give both sides, keep tab of the last side where the baby has nursed. You can put a sticker or something to remember. You need to start nursing the same side u gave last. And continue to the other side.
Ie, if the last time was left side, start next feed with left side and give little of right side too.
In this process the production would be smoother and brimming for the baby.

Do nurse as long as you can, there is no restriction to 6 months.
Hassle free while travel, no maintenance or sterilization of bottles.

5. Iron
This comes from beens, avaraika (broad beans) as i am a vegetarian shared this much.
The food intake should have pepper inlieu of chili or chili powder. Pepper has iron.
Atleast for 3 to 6months.

A reminder here babies are parasites on moms feed and if u don't have sufficient you will lose out energy.

6. What foods to avoid at the time of nursing?
Coconut in any form and heavy oily foods, again this is to help the digestion tract to develop in the baby. As they do not help digestion easily.

7. How to a avoid colic in babies?
Colic is simple terms is stiffness or stomach cramps in babies. They will cry constantly while we wont know what it is till we hit the doctor.
Easy method i learnt and practiced, you should have radish as intake on alternate days or weekly 3 times. Just like any other veg intake.

8. Cellphone
Pls pls pls avoid that next to the baby.
Even if you feel like reading while nursing the baby, pls use alternate methods like a book/magazine from library or listen to music or something.

Keep screen time lesser than an hour to start with after the baby is 3 months may be you can increase screen time, there again not next to baby pls.

9. Quantity of food
The frequency and quantity of intake, trust me u will be surprised to note would have almost doubled.
Pls don't feel shy, this is good if you feel so, because you are not just eating for yourself but for two.

10. Pl pamper yourself the new mom, there will be after the 2 or 3rd month of feeding, changing cloth napies, making them sleep.. Get into depression while all attention goes to the angel in your home.

Just feel free to pamper yourself at home or step out to the park to meet up with your friends.

These are some areas which i thought makes sense and will help you too. If you have more knowledge for infants / new moms, the natural way pls do share in comments i will add them in the main page.